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Modern Track Lights are the most adaptable type of lighting. It is unquestionably advantageous and must consider several factors while choosing track lights for the ceiling. They run lengthwise on beams, across rafters and can be fixed to walls.

This type of light allows you to place ten lights along the track and is also flexible for customization. The track light LED price is reasonable and can be used in various spaces of your home. There are different types like track and head styles. 

Customization of the LED lamp by selecting the variables to your preference.
Process of thermal-throttle management to protect your LED product.
Custom accessories on LED replacement lamps for cleaner integration.
Radiates superior color quality, enhancing colors in merchandise.


Customers want their new office lighting effects to demonstrate the company's international influence, reflect the team's collaborative work environment and motivate employees to drive business innovation and growth.

High Performance Recessed LED Linear Spot Light :

  • Thicken Aluminum can accelerate heat dissipation, expand lifespan effectivelyMaecenas malesuada elit lectus felis, malesuada ultricies.
  • CREE COB chips, high performance and long lifespan.
  • High Lumen, natural luminous efficiency to return the original photochromic
  • Spring clip holders make the light to easy installation and steadiness.
  • Creating atmosphere effectively, suitable for use in places that need to foil the atmosphere or highlighting.



Product Application

Used for parking lot, garden, corridor, pathway, road, square, stair, step and other outdoor lighting.

Architectural Landscape Lighting

parallax background


  • DLG Series Gimbal Recessed Downlight
    DLG Series Gimbal Recessed Downlight

    Product Details

    • High brightness,Low SDCM<3,low light decline

    • High efficacy,high illuminance、accurate beam angle makes comfortable illumination atmosphere、Refined components and design

    • Guarantee a long lifespan of over 40,000 hours

    • Triac,0-10v,Dali dimmable is available

    • Easy installation,Widey used in Airport,train station,exbition center,hotel lobby,office ect.

    Gimbal head , Spot type ,available for all kinds  shoppes
  • LED Retrofit Ceiling Surface

    LED Retrofit Ceiling Surface

    The projector body comes in two sizes and a range of wattages and light beams. The mechanical extraction and adjustment system of the optics facilitates flexible, precise adjustment that can meet the lighting requirements of different settings

  • LED Strip Light

    LED Strip Light

    • Easy to install, you can use aluminum grooves or snaps
    • Can do white light, CCT, DMX white light different versions
    • Adopt 36° beam angle LED polarized lens. Effectively improve the illuminance value
    • With constant current IC design, can support up to 10M without voltage drop
    • Lifespan: 35000H, 3 years warranty installations.
    Tunable Mini Wallwasher LED Strip Light

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